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Food Restrictions For Herpes Disease

Already Monday again. Let's always the spirit of a friend. The spirit ranging from positive thoughts. While running the day-to-day activities ranging from study, work or other activities you should do not forget to read this article about herpes.

Glad to be back to share the knowledge about herpes. This time I am going to share an article about food should not be eaten or restrictions for herpes. Food restrictions for herpes sufferers are foods that contain the amino acid arginine or high level such as nuts, chocolate and almonds. The amino acid arginine is required for the replication process of the herpes virus. Consuming foods that contain high arginine can make more frequent recurrences of herpes.

As for some of these foods are as follows :
1 Cigarette
Smoking may worsen and may lead to more frequent herpes. Smoking is an activity that is not good. For those of you who smoke or who are active in the environment of people who smoke, should avoid such habits. If not able to avoid or heavy to leave the cigarette, my advice gradually reduce the consumption of cigarettes. Which had you smoke a day three times a day so you should reduce once. Perform the habit gradually.

2 Alcohol
Just like smoking, alcohol is not good for health. Alcohol can worsen the condition of the body are susceptible to herpes.

3 Meat Goat and Pig
Meat goats and pigs are not good for the herpes. When consumed, it will be easier herpes recur. Indeed, the meat makes the saliva flowing. Hold first for the good of your own health.

4 Fish
Fish also includes abstinence of food to be consumed? Wait a friend, there are some fish that should not be consumed as fish, tuna, anchovies, squid, shrimp, crab and seafood.

5. Chicken broiler and egg
One more good food that should not be consumed is broilers and eggs. But avoid these foods for the sake of your health. All types of eggs also please do not be consumed.

6. Cucumber and Cabbage
These vegetables also should not be consumed. You can consume other vegetables to fill nutritional needs. Many alternatives are no less delicious vegetables from both these vegetables.

7 coffee, milk and fizzy drinks.
if you frequently stay up? Like sleepy at work ?? You must already be familiar with the name of coffee. Coffee is one beverage that should not be consumed. Just like coffee, milk also should not be consumed if you do not want herpes disease recurrence. Fizzy drinks? Oh no, soft drinks are beverages that abstinence for consumption. You can divert beverage consumption by drinking juice healthier by making it his own way.

Similarly, a brief article about the abstinence of food consumed or if you have been exposed to herpes. Hope it helps you as a precaution to avoid foods and beverages.


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