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Does Urine Work as Therapy for Herpes Symptoms?

It is a common thing among American people that urine is used as natural and alternative therapy for Herpes symptoms. Many people believe that urine therapy can offer the same therapeutic healing and benefit which also can be discovered in traditional medical treatments. If you are now living with conditions related to herpes, it is better for you to have a talk with doctors concerning the urine therapy benefit for symptoms of herpes. 

Despite of that, urine therapy is not a trust able source to cure herpes. Many alternative medicine specialists have a faith that it may be able to offer a solution to lessen herpes symptoms as a flare up begins to show up. Urine therapy has been a quite controversial topic, a debatable topic but still many herpes sufferers still consider this as their choice to be healthy. 

If you assume that urine therapy works for herpes symptoms, you are suggested to meet a specialist in natural medicine to get appropriate instructions on how to make typical urine therapy solution. In the most occasions, your urine in the first morning flow is considered as sample to be immersed with herbal cures and alcoholic water. Many specialists in natural healing will advise you to use your own urine rather than animal urine products and urine capsules on the market. 

By employing a bit quantity of your urine and combined with water, your body will constantly starts to build natural antibodies to the infections you undergo. This must be the theory foundations for those who recommend urine therapy for herpes, diabetes and other complications include insomnia. At some point, it is necessary to have your doctor’s consideration first to determine whether you are able to get this kind of natural treatment or not. 

Similar to any kind of natural treatments, you have to make sure that urine therapy will not give you negative results but positive. That is why consulting with your doctor is a must-thing to do before implementing urine therapy. Moreover, there are several traditional medicine treatments that are less effective, so it is your doctor’s job to be aware, and take an authority to determine if this kind of therapy is good for you or the opposite.

Sources: Your Own Perfect Medicine, by Martha M. Christy


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